“Whenever a woman I have spoken to tells me I have influenced her positively, it energizes me to do more. It is my desire to empower young women everywhere.”
– Shelmina

Testimonials - Shelmina Abji

“Thanks a lot Shelmina. Your encouragement and input were priceless.”
– Damiliola A. [MBA student from Nigeria]

“My manager asks for my opinion more on a regular basis and gives me more power to make decisions on certain projects. My personal brand has really changed thanks to you! You’ve really pushed me forward and helped me create a mindset that I never thought would have been possible!! ❤❤”
– Natasha S. [women’s advocate and teacher, Toronto, Canada

“I feel so blessed and lucky to have met you. Thank you so much for taking me under your wing… WE DID IT!!!!!!”
– Celina D. [upon being accepted to medical school]

“You give me hope. You have given me specific ideas on how I can balance my corporate career with being a single mother of two.”
– Anne M. [recently divorced technology executive]

“Eleven days (after her talk) as I drove to my job interview, every time I started to doubt myself, I kept repeating, don’t even listen to your weaknesses- focus on your strengths, I am happy to report I recently accepted the job.
I learned I can help myself through competing messages by putting energy into what matters the most to me- the big rock as Shelmina called them.”
– Kayleigh D. [Excerpt from UW-La Crosse Alumni Magazine – Graduate student, who attended Women Moving Ahead conference where Shelmina was the keynote speaker.]